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Mi is a self-help management, white label system for patients between the ages of 18-35, diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. The current front-line treatment heavily relies on prescription medication, which along with their short-term and long-term side effects, are also costly for both the patient and government. Mi was created with patients in mind, who are looking for an alternative, effective treatment for dealing with their mental and emotional disposition.


Mi allows patients to measure success in their recovery process, through a mobile application and biofeedback device. Together they provide users with two categories of exercises. The first of which provides instant relief during episodes of unexpected anxiety. The other aims to maintain low anxiety levels on a day-to-day basis. Unlike it’s competition, Mi’s ability to measure success and maintain motivation plays a large part in ensuring positive outcomes for patients.


The white label method allows medical institutes to invest in the Mi and re-brand the system, encouraging them to recommend it as a method of treatment to their own patients. The end goal of incorporating the white label method is to maximize the volume of individuals with anxiety disorders that can be reached.

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