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Microsoft engaged T4G in fall 2017 to build a demo that could demonstrate the capabilities of various Microsoft products, including HoloLens, PowerBI and Azure (using IoT) in a real-world scenario. The purpose being to show potential clients the possibilities of mixed reality in an industrial workplace setting.

The storyline for the demo is that a maintenance service call is dispatched to a field technician to investigate a possible issue with a pipe’s pressure. The technician will use a HoloLens to review the performance of the system in combination with IoT sensor data.

The solution required storyboarding, user scenario research, and a hololens friendly UI design. The outcome produced a walkthrough that allowed users a chance to see what the future of industrial jobs could look like. Microsoft and T4G were ecstatic with the results of the project and are now touring the demo in tradeshows across North America.

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